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Deciding on a present over the Christmas period for family and friends can be troublesome when some people already have everything they need. Therefore, it is important to carefully select great gifts and make Christmas unforgettable for them. Ideas need to planned so that gifts are meaningful and thoughtful.

Food and drink gifts have always made wonderful presents, as they look and taste great. Food and drink can also be part of a hamper, so that gift receivers have the joy of a wide selection to indulge upon.

Alcohol is a popular idea and a very welcome gift at Christmas time. Personalised alcohol gifts really stand out and show that thought has been put into a present.

Chocolate is another must buy Christmas gift and is often a guilty pleasure. The majority of people are used to receiving chocolate in some shape or form over the Yuletide period, but giving chocolate doesn't have to be unoriginal. It can be carefully thought through and personalised chocolate gifts make a wonderful addition.

Remember, drink and food ideas need to be original and unique. Impulse buys can often lead to presents being returned. Let our large selection of food and drink ideas inspire you and show the person you buy for this Christmas that you really do care.