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Lomography Konstruktor Flash Camera - Black

Lomography Konstruktor Flash Camera - Black

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The Lomography Konstruktor Camera is the world’s first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR Camera that reveals the essence of photography to its user. Ever wondered at the internal mechanics of an SLR camera? The Lomography Konstruktor Camera is perfect for creative, hands-on, crafty types interested in learning, understanding and experiencing the workings of analogue photography. Taking just 1-2 hours to build, the Lomography Konstruktor not only reveals the beauty of the camera, but you will also allow you to shoot wonderfully sharp and vibrantly analogue photographs with a camera that you have made with your own hands and which you will have gained a complete understanding of. Once you have crafted your camera and snapped happy shots of friends and family, you may think your fun has been had. Prematurely, however! Not only does the camera boast an intelligent design that allows you to experiment with regular and long exposures for varied photographic results, but it also comes with a selection of stickers that allows you to customise the camera again and again. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you may even decide to ditch the stickers and go all out with your own personalised customisation. The Lomography Konstruktor Camera gives you the freedom to express yourself and your art through a detailed, thorough understanding of your medium. Introducing: The Lomography Konstruktor Features: Lomography Konstruktor Camera The world’s original 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera A fun and educational experience which also produces a fully functional SLR camera Takes just 1-2 hours to build Once built, the camera shoots wonderfully sharp and vibrant analogue photos and allows you to experiment with exposure times, etc Includes a flash port allowing you to connect any Lomography flash Selection of stickers allows you to customise your camera Please Note: A flash isn't included.