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MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia

MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia

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Experience the most mind-blowing aerial adventure imaginable, a supersonic flight to the edge of space in a MiG-29. Head to Russia's world-renowned Sormovo Airfield for the trip of a lifetime, usually reserved for the likes of astronauts and cosmonauts. After meeting the instructor and ground staff for a full pre-mission briefing, don a g-suit and get strapped into the mighty MiG-29. Hold on tight for a jaw-dropping vertical take-off and climb to the very edge of the atmosphere, breaking the sound barrier and experiencing a barrage of aerial acrobatics along the way. Once at 80,000 feet, the awesome sight of the curvature of the Earth will take your breath away and make a memory to last a lifetime. Literally, out of this world.